leaky basement in a Baltimore house missed during home inspection

How to Spot a Leaky Basement During a Baltimore Home Inspection


I get calls about this all the time from new Baltimore homeowners and the discussions are heartbreaking. A buyer settles on their new Baltimore home and after a few months, or even a few days, the first big rain falls and the basement leaks! Follow these three tips to help avoid basement leaks and water damage in your new home.

3 Tips for Your Baltimore Home Inspection 

1. When you are walking through a property for the first time uses your senses. Does the basement smell musty? Do you see any signs of past leaks such as stains on exposed wood, drywall, doors or furniture? Is the furnace or hot water heater up on blocks? These are all signs of past water issues. Now the problem may have been corrected, but it is best to be on guard.

2. Familiarize yourself with different waterproofing systems and how they work. Recently, a buyer called and informed me that while there is a sump pump in her basement, there is no drain tile system to direct water into the sump pump. The only thing the sump pump was good for was to drain water that was pushed into it. Without a basic understanding of water drainage systems, you may think you are protected when you are one heavy rain away from disaster. 

3. Attend your Baltimore home inspection and ask a ton of questions, especially a direct question about the inspector’s opinion on whether s/he thinks the basement leaks. If your home inspector expresses even the slightest concern that you may be buying a house with a leaky basement, get a professional waterproofing company into that property to take a look before you settle. 

A home purchase is a huge investment and you need to protect yourself and your family. Do not let your emotions or a pushy real estate agent rush you into moving forward with a purchase without having all the facts, you may regret it later.


05/18/2022 by Onerhoara

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