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All of us at Heise & Heise, LLP are humbled by the kind words and encouragement we have received for our work over the past year. Our clients went out of their way to leave incredible reviews for us on G+, Yelp and AVVO and we appreciate it. We are also grateful to have been recognized as one of the Best Real Estate Law Firms in Baltimore for 2016 by Expertise, LLC.

After receiving this kind of support and recognition, how does a Baltimore Law Firm give back? Easy– with rats! We have adopted the non-profit organization apopo HeroRATs as our Firm charity. This organization trains African Giant Pouched Rats to detect land mines in Africa and Asia.

Once detected, mines can safely be removed, saving lives and putting dangerous land back into use. To date, these rats have detected over 100,000 land mines and returned in excess of 5,000 acres to productive use! Making this charity even better is the fact that the trainers and caretakers are recruited from the impoverished communities served by the HeroRATs.

As a thank you to all of our clients and realtor friends for their support, we are kicking off 2017 by adopting 6 HeroRATs. It is a small first step to building our very own rat army to carry out this important work.

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